Social networks: which ones do I choose for my business?

Social networks: which ones do I choose for my business?

Nowadays, there are few who think that social networks do not serve in a marketing strategy. Very few companies do not believe that with these social platforms they will be able to sell more. Therefore, it is clear that social networks are on the rise and that every marketing department must be attentive to these platforms to join the market fight.

However, the time to start with social networks is a precious and very complicated moment in turn. What social networks do I use for my business? It is useless to publish on all platforms if you do not have planned objectives. Each of the social networks can bring you some benefit, and therefore, it is very important that you know them in general terms.

The most important social networks for your business

As we have mentioned in previous lines, the fundamental thing is to clearly establish the objectives that are intended to be achieved through social networks, apart, of course, from increasing the sales of your business. Among those objectives, you can find actions such as generating more and better brand image, creating a large community of followers or knowing what is said about your business on social networks.

Each business will set different objectives that they will have to try to meet through social platforms.

What are the best for your business?

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Facebook, the social network with the largest number of active users

Facebook is the social network par excellence, the one with the most active users. Therefore, this social network is very important for your business.

With Facebook you can make yourself known, gain visibility, therefore, interact with followers and attract potential customers thanks to Facebook Ads.

It is a social network that still has a lot to offer us. Do not miss it!

Twitter, the social network that most engages users

As much as there is talk that Twitter is a platform that is going to disappear, the truth is that companies have it very much in mind to publish announcements and important communications. With 140 characters you can write a simple and direct message, what users like.

If you have heard of misinformation, it is very important that you discover the advantages of Twitter. Among other benefits, this social network will allow you to communicate quickly and easily with your followers, know your reputation of your brand, and, a very important advantage: enhance your after-sales service.

Instagram, a social network that commands images

Much is said that content is king, but what about images? If content is king, why not say image is queen? That is what Instagram allows: to show off your business products or services to the fullest.
If you are an online store, this social network will allow you to show all your followers and potential customers the products you sell. If you do it well and your profile is attractive, you will notice a lot of difference.

In addition to showing your products, Instagram will also allow you to improve your relationship with your followers and convey positive emotions.

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Linkedin, professional social network

Many call it the “professional Facebook”. It is a mandatory platform for any company, as it will allow you to have direct contact with other companies in your sector and get interesting collaborations.

It also serves to recruit qualified staff adapted to your needs at all times.


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