The importance of having many followers

We know that the idea of ​​entering your social media profiles and seeing that there are thousands of people following your page is very tempting. You’ve seen it on other accounts and couldn’t help feeling some envy. But, have you noticed the level of interaction of the publications?

You just have to take a walk through any social network to discover hundreds of accounts that, despite having thousands of followers, the likes, comments and other interactions with each of their publications are counted on the fingers of one hand.

And here, dear freelancer, is where the question kit is;

An account that has a moderate number of followers but who interact with the posts, share them and find them useful; it will be far more effective than anyone who accumulates thousands of passive followers who feel neither engaged nor linked to the brand.

How to get my followers to interact with my posts

Each user of social networks follows an average of 250 profiles among friends, acquaintances and trademarks. For this reason, if you want to reach them and make yourself essential on their “followed” list, you must create quality content. Solve their doubts, launch special offers or offer them varied information that makes them know more about your sector and keep up to date with all the news.

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Only in this way, capturing their attention and adding value to your publications . You will get your followers, even if they are not hundreds of thousands, are interested in your publications, share them and make you reach new potential customers .

Take care of your followers

As we have been explaining throughout this article, having a very large number of followers is important for your brand as long as they are real, they interact with your publications and you can attend to their needs and doubts.

Because social networks are not just a showcase in which to show the world everything your company can offer. They are also a way to contact your customers directly and vice versa.

For this reason, it is important to have a number of followers that you can reach. That is to say, a community with which you can be in contact, solve their doubts or respond to their comments without them hanging in the air without getting a response.

The way you serve your followers on social media will be taken as a reflection of how you treat your customers and how your company works for other users. Therefore, you must be very careful in this regard.

A faithful community committed to your brand

Ultimately, what we want to make you see is that the number of followers you have on your company’s social networks is only relevant if it is consistent with the interactions that your publications later have . If there is a lot of difference between these two figures, all they do is damage your image.

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Bet on building a quality community through your social networks that is really interested and committed to your brand. That they provide you with feedback about your products or services, share their opinions and in the best of cases, they become prescribers of your brand .

If you want to have a quality community on your social networks but you don’t know where to start, or what content to publish, or which social networks are the best suited to your business; Contact your SERSEO advisor and start being part of your clients’ lives right now through their social networks. Join them in their day to day!