Article Rewriting to Remove Plagiarism

Article Rewriting to Remove Plagiarism

Today we live in the age of technology and the internet, and you can do anything you want by just clicking a few tabs on your smartphones/computers. 

The article rewriting technique has also been digitalized for the past few months. Article rewriting is the technique that is generally used for removing plagiarism and in this post, we will tell you all about it. 

You would find the basic details or rewriting/spinning in this post, and we have also mentioned some of the best article rewriter online tools which can help you remove plagiarism for free and without any cost. 

What is article rewriting?

Article rewriting or spinning is the technique you use to rephrase or paraphrase the content you have copied from another source. You can use the rewriting techniques to create new assignments, blogs, and even website content. 

You must change all the important and commonly used words in the original content with their synonyms in rewriting. You should also know that you must change the sentences’ structure and the overall paragraph’s look. You must know that all the changes you are making in the content in the rewriting process should not affect the main idea of the content.

This technique is not as easy as it looks like, and you need proper skills and practice to master it. Usually, rewriting is used to remove plagiarism from the content. Still, if you must use the technique right away without any skills and experience, you should use the online article rewriter tools to remove plagiarism.

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3 Best Paraphrasing Tools for everyone!

Here are the tools that you should try out:




This online paraphrasing tool can be used by all sorts of people related to content writing. You don’t have to pay writers and freelancers for rewriting your content if you have this article spinner. This paraphrasing tool can be used for free, but you must register yourself with it. It works in eight different languages, and therefore it is popular across the globe. You would find three different spinning options in this application, and the three of them are mentioned as under:

  • The ultra-paraphrasing option is used for high-level rephrasing and using advanced words and sentences in the content.
  • The smart spin option is the most used one and the reason that this option is famous because it creates the most readable and plagiarism-free content with AI. 
  • The third option is to replace words and sentences manually by your own choice. 

The working of this tool is extremely easy, and even a layperson can understand and use it.




This is another free article rewriter tool that can help you rewrite complete content. You can also use this tool for plagiarism removal because of its intelligent features. When you enter content in this tool, it would automatically check it for plagiarism and paraphrase the content with duplication. This tool is quite famous for its lightning speed, and therefore we would recommend you try it. With this paraphrasing tool, you can spin a thousand words in three seconds, which is an amazing feature. This tool’s biggest advantage is that it is free and quite easy to use, and everyone can try it

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This website offers a paraphrasing tool. The rewriter tool by can easily help you rewrite tons of content daily. This is an extremely easy-to-use automated tool. When you enter the plagiarized content in the tool, it would easily detect the words and the phrases that are causing plagiarism and would highlight them. You can change the words and phrases manually, and you can also use the automatic spinning features to rewrite the content with just one click. 

You can use this article rewriting tool for free and without any registrations.

If you want to get information about more rewriting tools, we would suggest you stay tuned with us. If you want to remove plagiarism from your content in just a few seconds before submissions, then you should always go for the article spinner tools!

How do Article Rewriter Tools work?

Article rewriter tools use AI and advanced algorithms to spin your input content into fresh and plagiarism-free outputs. You must choose the right tool and enter your content in it. The tool would first analyze the content and the focus idea behind the curtains. After completing the analysis, it would consult its database for relevant content. When enough data would be collected about the content, the tool would start rewriting the content. You would get an article anew in less than ten seconds if you use the popular article rewriter tools.

Now, hundreds of article rewriter tools and applications on the web, but not all of them are successful. We would tell you about the most trusted and reliable article rewriting/paraphrasing tools in the section below.

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