5 SEO mistakes in content marketing

5 SEO mistakes in content marketing

Content marketing is becoming a great marketing charm for those companies that want to take advantage of the tools that the internet world gives us to reach their customers. The truth is that with the content you can get the attention of your clients, and establish a relationship with them.
What is clear is that content should be one of the most important factors in your marketing strategy . However, one of the big mistakes that is made is thinking that if it is done in content, the work is done too. This is a mistake. Content has to be created, but it also has to be positioned, so that users can find it. In addition, it has to be striking and invite the “click”.
If you have content, but no one sees it, it will not do you any good. To position your content you need a little SEO knowledge.

SEO mistakes that you no longer have excuses to make

Although SEO is not something new, and we have been talking about web positioning for a long time, there are still many companies that make certain basic mistakes that make their content not reach customers as they should. Here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Posting content too short

The time when writing two paragraphs served for Google to identify the text and you could fight for the top positions in the search engine has long since ended. Times have changed, a lot.
Surely you’ve heard that ‘Content is king’. It is a way of ensuring that content is one of the most important elements and that the giant Google gives the most value to. The debate on how many words would be ideal to write continues. No more than 300 words per text, now whoever does not write more than 600 words is nobody.
Of course, more and more people are betting on very long texts, even writing 2,400 words. Recommended? Be around 1000, and never offer content less than 500 words.
In this sense, if we have to write so much text, it is convenient that we insert it with an image. It is true that the search engine reads text only, but we must make the content attractive to our readers.

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Make spelling mistakes

Typing mistakes are not specific to SEO, but quality content is highly valued by Google. This will help you climb positions. Therefore, even if what you write is valuable, you cannot ignore the spelling, as this will lower the quality of your text.
What was said. These errors do not directly affect SEO, but in the long run you can be harmed.

Write infinite paragraphs

Imagine 1000 words in a text without subtitles or lists. Very heavy, right? The content must go by sections, with paragraphs less than 200 words and everything well structured.
For this there are the tags h1, h2, h3 … They help us to separate the content into parts, and to give greater importance to certain aspects.
In this way, you will get Google, and your customers, to understand the content better, because it will be more structured. And in the same way, you will get the search giant to position you higher, and value your website more.

Not having a link building strategy

Inserting internal and external links in your texts is essential if you want to obtain some popularity in Google. Not only is it worth linking your different pages, but exchanging links with others is essential to reach the top positions.
But not just any link. If you send a link to a page that is not well valued and whose content is not of quality, Google will take it as a negative activity. It is important that you study well which websites you should link to and which ones not. Citing important sources will help you increase the credibility of your site.

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Don’t promote the content

One of the most common mistakes is to start with very strong positioning and when you have already reached your goals, quit. SEO is not something you do, get and can quit. SEO doesn’t stand alone.
You have to take advantage of your content, turn it around, correct all the mistakes and promote it. You can do it through social networks or through different campaigns. Most use RRSS and SEM to achieve more visibility.

We hope these little tips have helped you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.


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