What is content marketing? What you need to know this 2020

What is content marketing? What you need to know this 2020

Your website is not receiving traffic ? You started an ecommerce, but time passes and you don’t see enough income?

In most cases, you are missing a “small” detail: the user needs reasons to buy from you . It’s not what you sell, but how you sell it, and what your prospect understands.

Today at SERSEO we present you what content marketing is ; a thorough review of why you need it, benefits, how to implement it on your website, blog or ecommerce to convert, content classes, tools …

From here you will come up with a good idea of what you need to grow your business , anticipating from now that you can count on our experience of more than 20 years growing businesses online.

What is content marketing ?

And not only that, but there is also a huge difference between introducing content and not doing it , be it on a corporate website, an online store, or a blog that you use to capture leads (contacts).

What is content marketing for?

The goal of any marketing plan is always to get something in return :

  • growth of the brand (more engagement , or commitment by the user).
  • Database to generate a newsletter by email marketing g.
  • Higher conversion : from a “passing by” type user to a loyal customer.

Note: the next step of loyalty is evangelization marketing , which consists of our client becoming a recommendation machine , expanding our business beyond where we can go with our brand action.

Be that as it may, what you have to always keep in mind is the following: we focus on offering value, updated, truthful and quality information .

What is content marketing? Benefits

One of the main advantages of working on content is:

The feedback we get

In this way, we receive two rewards :

  • The first is to know what you like and what you don’t . Luckily, not all customers are the same, but there is certain content that adapts to what they mostly want.

Focus on what is worth, and what is not, that you do not mind discarding.

  • The second: increase our branding , by reinforcing engagement.

In case you don’t know, branding is the process you are looking for when it comes to generating a brand (becoming unforgettable for your user). It’s clear that not everyone will buy from you, but you need to get your prospect to choose you over your competition .

And how do you get it? We will see this entire process in the following articles, but in the meantime, you need to know these 5 elements :

  • Naming , or name creation.
  • Corporate identity .
  • Positioning .
  • Loyalty to your brand.
  • Brand architecture .

Savings, as an important element

Many times, companies, SMEs and freelancers fail due to a bad marketing strategy.

¿ What is content marketing ? It is an element of adjustment and orientation of the brand to the client or user . It does not consist of offering products or services to the market with the intention that it fits the product, but the other way around.

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For this, in marketing we always use the Buyer Persona technique , or ideal client, around which we can design and build a brand , and therefore, good value content.

Obviously, by doing this we can save a lot of money which we can reinvest in other areas, or in growing the business.

Customer segmentation

As we said a few lines above, you cannot sell to everyone; Therefore, content marketing allows you to focus on those users for whom you created that product or service.

In short: more sales, in less time, and better ROI (return on investment).

It is part of web positioning

Called SEO ( Search Engine Optimization , search engine optimization ), it is a set of tools and techniques that facilitate the positioning of your web page in the SERPs (result pages in Google).

Well, the content, together with the link building (creation of links), is two of the essential elements for the implementation of SEO to be effective, in the medium and long term.

Empathize with your client

In the process of knowing what content marketing is , we must create value as a basis for an exchange of user-brand information .

The worst thing a business can do is disassociate itself from its target ( target audience), so it must be in constant communication with them.

Freshness , or surfing the wave gracefully

The most current content is what all search platforms and social networks prefer. And if you also combine it with a high value, you have heaven won.

Does it seem complicated to you? AT SERSEO we are delighted to help you in the creation and development of your business branding .

What content strategy to create? The first step of Inbound

We are going to detail a series of actions that you can take so that your digital business develops:

  • Pillar articles, or complete guides cornerstone ). They are very useful for setting bases and precedents. The guides on the internet are true information centers for your users, where they can go to obtain all the information they need for a particular topic.
  • Obviously, it makes the articles both for the user and for Google , which is known as SEO writing . It is clear that no matter how much valuable content and quality information you introduce in your post, they will be like dead paper if nobody sees them .

Let’s continue to know what content marketing is .

  • Once you have traffic on your website, your mission is to get leads (contacts for your database), with which you can make mailing .

To do this, offer something in return. For example , if you have an online consultancy and want to capture leads, you can exchange the user’s data for an ebook on how to fill out the freelance form 303.

  • And all this for what? Well, you need to create an environment of trust with your client or prospect, so a good step is to add certain trigger marketing tactics (automatic responses) on your part.

Thus, every time your user performs an action that interests you, it generates a response, which harmonizes the process quite a bit.

  • And don’t forget to be consistent ; communities are created with this ingredient. As you publish new content, as long as you do it at certain times, you get used to your audience.

The solution? Create an editorial calendar , where to indicate what content, when, and on which social network to publish. Organization first.

  • Previous SWOT analysis : also called SWOT analysis , it consists of a diagnosis of the situation of your business ,
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¿ What is content marketing in this paragraph? Threat, Strength, Weakness and Opportunity . This is intended to obtain objectivity, in terms of knowing where to start from, to design a strategy for the future.

  • Identify the KPIs : Key Performance Indicator, or key performance indicator. They are used to measure the success of dedicating a certain investment to your content . Monthly traffic, number of conversions …

At SERSEO we can help you with the development of content . We have an expert team for this, contact us without obligation.

Content types

There are a multitude of information formats . Depending on various aspects (type of client, favorite social network …), you must choose between these:

  • Blog (to educate your user).
  • Newsletter (education and engagement tool).
  • Videos (“how is it done?”).
  • Infographics (susceptible to viralization, which achieves a great reach of your publications).
  • Online courses (increase loyalty and constitute long-term income).
  • Podcasts (educational).
  • Community (where you can design and create dedicated content).
  • Tutorials / guides.
  • Applications (important to take into account users who use the smartphone more than the computer).
  • Webinars (face-to-face are very beneficial to establish a relationship of trust, which facilitates subsequent conversion).
  • Landing pages (sales pages, where you direct the customer in the purchase process , giving compelling reasons for them to purchase your product).

Do you find the article on what is content marketing interesting ? At SERSEO we have the experience you are looking for.

Distribution channels

You must publish content where your user is . In this way, you greatly facilitate communication, and over time you will create community (perfect breeding ground for loyalty and subsequent evangelization).

Let’s take a quick look at social networks and the type of target you can find in each one. We got this information from a report created by Hootsuite .

  • Facebook : the largest social network that exists at the moment. Although lately there has been talk of a change in the business model to a news platform, we cannot forget that it still has 2,271 million users.

And what type of client does Facebook frequent the most? On average, they are usually between 25 and 34 years old , mostly women .

  • Instagram : obviously, what counts the most here are predominantly visual content. With 1 billion active users per month, it is the second largest social network in the world.

In a similar way to the previous one, its most active users correspond to the age ranges between 18 and 34 years , but more men than women enter here .

We assume that by now you have already gotten used to the idea of what content marketing is .

  • Twitter : the blue bird social network has 326 million active users every month. The community managers of any digital marketing agency usually prefer this platform, due to its ease of viralization.

As for the most frequent user : young man , between 25 and 34 years old .

  • Linkedin : it is not well known in our country, but it is the best professional social network that exists today.

As is normal, its use and access is more frequent among men between 25 and 54 years of age.

  • Snapchat : with 287 million monthly users, it is the preferred social network for the youngest. Right now, with the introduction of Instagram Stories and IGTV (Instagram television), many profiles are abandoning it.

Even so, it is the social network that you have to frequent the most, if your target is mostly women between 18 and 35 years old .

  • YouTube : it is the video platform par excellence, taking much advantage of others like Twitch.
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It has 1.9 billion active users, of all ages and both genders. You have to analyze whether creating a channel is what is best for you, in terms of what content marketing is .

  • WhatsApp : fast and efficient communication, since it has long replaced SMS. Just one piece of information: 1,500 million profiles connected per month.


And you cannot lose sight of the growth of the business option, WhatsApp Business . With this app, you can create a profile of your business, and develop a community of users interested in your brand.

This as far as RRSS is concerned. Another very important channel , to bring content closer to your user, is email marketing .

It consists of sending information of interest. It is not SPAM (massive sending of advertising to profiles of all kinds), but a means of communication with your clients or prospects.

Through mailing , you manage to strengthen the brand-client relationship, reinforcing engagement, to show closeness.

And it is that the 21st century introduces us to a unique moment in the history of marketing, where brands and companies must be accessible and more humane .

Do you have doubts about your buyer persona , or who is your target customer? Don’t have time to create quality content for your users? Or do you still not know what content marketing is?

No problem; At SERSEO we are experts in conversion , developing an Inbound Marketing strategy for your business.

6 Useful Tools for Your Content Marketing

Well, having seen the benefits, scope and possibilities of this type of marketing, it was time to get down to work .

To do this, let us show you some software and websites that will help you with your content plan.


This graphic design website allows us to create a multitude of different types of content: GIF, infographics, images …

You can open an account for free , which is quite complete. If you need more resources, you have the option of opening a premium account, for € 12.95 / month .


Email marketing service provider . It is the direct competition of MailChimp, but with better rates. Good newsletters (with layout included), email automation, scope monitoring, easy connection to the web …

The service is free for up to 2000 emails per month. From that figure, from € 19 / month .

Google Fonts

Are you tired of having the same font on your website? With this tool, you can download 600 different types of fonts, adding variety and style to your domain.

Its use is completely free , which is a plus.


If you have a business with a known brand, or in the process of doing so, this interests you. The Internet is very big, and you can’t always be where you are named.

With BuzzSumo, you will know what content marketing is for your business at all times: when they comment something about your brand or business , and you will also be able to access the trends of the network .

Also, you can look for influencers to promote your product. It is available from € 99 / month .

Google Trends

In case you run out of ideas for posting trending content, Google can help you with this free tool . Here you can enter a term, and find how much is searched on the internet .


A platform widely used by the Social Media teams of digital marketing agencies. It has multiple functions: group the profiles of several social networks on a single screen, plan the upload of content in each of them …

You have free access , as long as you enter up to 3 profiles . You can also try the Pro plan for free for 30 days , and then pay € 25 / month for 10 profiles .

Conclusion: betting on the content on your website

What is content marketing? Within a well-defined Inbound strategy, it is the winning technique for your business to grow on the internet.



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