What as a company you should avoid on Social Networks

What as a company you should avoid on Social Networks

Online reputation is a basic pillar that all companies should avoid. It is true that in current times, all online activity is judged, supervised and highly criticized by society in general. For this reason, companies have greater responsibility when transmitting a message.

Do you remember how companies communicated with customers a few years ago? Now we imagine everything with Social Networks, we take for granted that every business will be there to transmit their messages, but, as a company, they must take into account how they do it.

7 publications that you should not propose on social networks

Do you have a business and do not know where to go on Social Networks? Do not worry because today you will learn what you should not do in your accounts as a company.

It is necessary to pay close attention to the content we publish. In fact, companies must have a protocol for action in the face of the various situations that can arise in social media. And is that in crisis situations, the company must be very awake.

A lot of engagement can come out of a crisis. Do not forget.

Negative comments from customers or followers

It is very common, and especially if you are an e-commerce, that customers and followers give all kinds of opinions about your company on social networks. That is not the worst, because the reviews can be positive or be well structured to help you improve as a business.

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However, there is always some user who does not use the correct or adequate ways to refer to your company. In this sense, all you have to do is try to solve the problem with professionalism and kindness.

No matter how they address you, take your distance and don’t start a crossfire.

Irrelevant viral content

It is true that searching for viral content to post on social networks is always a safe bet. However, many companies abuse this concept, and more than fun and closeness, what they cause is loss of rigor and fatigue of the audience.

In this sense, the most advisable thing is that you do not stop creating viral publications, but dosing them over time. For example, it can be very positive that you plan an editorial calendar in which every Thursday you have a fun viral publication prepared and that brings you closer to your followers and users of social networks.

Political or religious comments

What you should be clear about is that your opinion on politics or religion as a community manager, company founder or social media manager should never influence any publication on your company accounts.

They are very important, delicate and far-reaching issues. You, as a company, should avoid any opinion on social networks.

And it is that if you know the approximate opinion of your followers, you should always avoid any publication contrary to their thoughts. Especially memes, which are very dangerous.

Abundance of advertising and promotions

One of the advantages of social networks for companies is that they can be used to get closer to users without the obligation of having to do so with advertising. It is true that more and more social networks are blocking the reach if you do not make paid publications.

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This type of content is necessary too, of course, but as long as you don’t overdo it. That is, if you publish more than 20% of advertising material, it is possible that the number of followers will drop and so will the engagement. Users will have the image that your company only wants to sell, sell and sell.

Inconsistent content with the brand

Tone and style are concepts to keep in mind when you start posting on social media. In fact, it is very important that companies have created an action protocol and a style book to guide workers when working on the publications of the different accounts.

We recommend that you think more than twice about the content you are writing, and that you decide if it really is consistent with the philosophy of the company or not.

Misleading messages

It is clear that the headlines must be eye-catching to encourage the user to click on our article. Now, you must find a balance in this regard.

It is not enough for the user to click on the article if later you disappoint him with the content. Therefore, write valuable content and try to increase your online reputation in this way.

Content from other sources

You can post content from other sources, but you should always cite them. In addition to a moral obligation, it will help you avoid being involved in a smear campaign that can be an avalanche against your brand.


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