The Omega Seamaster: Model and Price Guide

The Omega Seamaster: Model and Price Guide

About Omega

Omega is recognized worldwide for its masterfully crafted and designed collection of premium watches. The brand presents a meticulous collection of leather and stainless–strap luxury timepieces. Moreover, each Omega watch resonates with the brand’s commitment to precision and innovation. These luxury timepieces are an iconic brand being identified with The James Bond Series. Omega was the pioneer brand to include replaceable parts, making it possible to be worked on by any watch artisan in the world. Omega’s dedication to exceptional performance in extreme environments is evident with every piece of its collection. Pieces from each collection are skillfully crafted from silicon, precious metals, and ceramics. In this article on the Omega Seamaster model and price guide, the focus is on this timepiece. You will have a concrete idea about the watch details and price range. 

The Omega Seamaster 

Omega Seamaster was introduced in 1948 and is the longest-running product line still produced by this brand. It is a collection of manual and automatic winding, quartz, and chronometer watches. So, what is the Omega Seamaster price? The price range depends on the model and also if you prefer to buy a pre-loved watch. Over the years, its Swiss manufacturer has continually developed and expanded the series. As a result, the Omega Seamaster collection offers timepieces in titanium, ceramic, gold, stainless steel, and platinum. 

The Omega Seamaster prices largely depend on the exact model. In particular, the modern Seamaster 300 titanium edition costs about 6,900 USD. While if you prefer two-tone watches in stainless steel and gold, the price is around 9,600 USD. Gold and platinum models cost higher, with 28,000 USD for the gold one, and the platinum model starts at 40,000 USD. 

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Seamaster Diver 300M

In 1993, Omega launched the Seamaster Diver 300M. This watch is an innovation of the Seamaster 300. Moreover, the watch features broad skeletonized sword hands, a diving bezel with rounded edges, and a wave pattern dial. Its dial is available in various colors – blue, black, white, and silver. The price ranges from 2,100 USD – 18,000 USD. The models with the highest price are in solid 18-karat gold change hands. 

The Diver 300 is available in a chronograph and is an addition to the three-hand timepieces of Omega. The Diver 300M GMT Chronograph prices start at 5,400 USD, while the two- sub-dial editions in stainless steel costs roughly 6,300 USD.

“Plongeur Professionnel,” is what Ploprof stands for. This French word pertains to “professional diver.” Its prices range from 7,300 USD – 9,800 USD. However, if you want to purchase the two-tone watches in rose gold and titanium, prepare an additional 4,200 USD. 

Seamaster Aqua Terra

While the Seamaster Aqua Terra is named the most elegant piece of the Seamaster series, the price starts at 840 – 2,500USD for a stainless steel quartz model. However, the cost can escalate to 24,00 USD for a model with diamonds on its dials and bezels. Lastly, the highest price is 54,000 USD for GMT Worldtimer, which is in platinum, and only 87 pieces of copies were manufactured. 

Omega Seamaster watches are available on the secondary market. Typically, they are being sold around 360 USD – 9,800 USD. The median asking price is 2 399 USD. While among all the Omega listings in the secondary market, the median asking price is 3,965 USD. Consequently, this brand is named the 5th most expensive and highly valued out of the eight collections in the Omega catalog. 

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You can choose any from the listed Seamaster models, and all will provide you with a water–resistant, durable and reliable dive watch. Since 1990, they were all crafted from the same workshops and have featured Co-Axial calibers. In fact, due to its movement’s precision and resistance to magnetic fields, some of these calibers are certified as Master Chronometers by Metas. 

It is important to emphasize that each piece varies in price. However, all of these timepieces from Omega share the same technology, innovativeness, functionality, and durability. Moreover, it is worth your hard-earned money whether you purchased a brand new or an Omega from the second-hand store. 



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