6 Significant Facts You Should Know About the Rolex Submariner

6 Significant Facts You Should Know About the Rolex Submariner

The best watch in the world cannot only be based on its popularity and sales especially since judging wristwatches depends on personal and subjective preferences. According to a writer on Hodinkee, however, when people question if what is the most important watch, Rolex is undoubtedly the answer, Rolex Submariner to be specific. Rolex Submariner, or with its full name Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner, has been very useful since its first production in 1953, not only as a diving watch, where it was intendedly designed but in other sport categories as well, tagging it as more of a sports watch. Here are some facts about the Rolex watches, particularly the Rolex Submariner.

1.Submariner’s Fame

Few luxury watches have reached the fame of the Rolex Submariner. The model became a single icon, which is the most likely reason for struggling in finding one for the dealership. The Submariner represents much rather than celebration and status, to the extent that it is thought by some owners as to mythic authority.

2.First in the World

Rolex is inclined to lead in advertising clockmaking world premiere, and the Submariner develops on three historical achievements incapacity to implement a fourth. Everything in the name of the timer is encoded to make things even more emblematic. The first advancement was made in 1926 when the first-ever seamless and waterproof wristwatch was knighted with the Rolex Oyster. Rust, humidity, and dust particles were common disadvantages of these timers before this milestone.

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3.Rolex Submariner is Handmade

We may be in an era where technology does most of the works for people to do fewer jobs for their convenience, Rolex watches are still handmade.  Rolex watches have been cautiously and carefully designed and assembled to ensure they meet Rolex’s high standards.

All Rolex watches are essentially made in-house. A clockmaker assembles the advanced motions inside a Rolex watch, which is the complicated and longest process. They are finally individually checked to determine they meet the high demands. It takes years to finish one Rolex watch, no wonder Rolex Submariner represents great importance and performance to its users.

4.It’s a Fashionable Sports Watch

While not being the most complicated and costly Rolex ever sold, the Submariner set is one of the Swiss manufacturer’s most iconic timepieces. It is extremely unlikely that the Submariner is ever going out of the way since it became the first-ever wristwatch to demonstrate competence at a depth of 100 meters to the renowned personalities who flaunt and continue to wear that as well as the information that set it apart from all the other Rolex watches.

5.It Has a Big Crown

Quite a few Submariner models have been credited in the world of Rolex watchmaking with bringing unique details. The manufacturer introduced the now-famous 6200 one year after the release of the Submariner Reference 6204. It is a legend in luxurious retro circles. Its code name, ‘The Big Crown,’ pertains to its significantly larger winding 8mm Brevet coronet, which mostly contains the Rolex coronet and the underlying text of ‘BREVET.’

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6.Rolex’s Name Origin

Many watch brands, such as Patek Philippe and TAG Heuer, have been named after their founders, but perhaps not Rolex. It is one of the fun facts about Rolex that seems to be a mystery up until now. Since the founder didn’t go too far into details on what Rolex means and how it happened, several theories were born.

The most frequent narrative about Rolex’s name is the simple truth that the creator wanted a name that could be expressed, looked pretty good on a watch face, is brief and memorable in any language. It seems that this theory is the most precise since one of the founding fathers has acknowledged this.

The other story is that the name derives from the French language for magnificent clockwork (“hoROLogical EXcellence”). This was not, however, confirmed or denied by the founders.

The word “Rolex” is considered to be in some language, but in fact, no language has the Rolex word in its language. But reloj, in Spanish, means clock, and Rolex and reloj are said to have the same sound. It is possible but unlikely, even if Spanish is the most spoken language in the world.

In a Nutshell

These facts about Rolex are hard not to be impressed by. The evidence is that Rolex isn’t always what it is today, but at the same time, it is made very obvious that Rolex didn’t, and still does, compete with all other Swiss watch companies very early on. More pertinently, the significance of these watches is linked to their prominence, which makes it a valuable deal to invest in them. Given its adequate care and maintenance level, it is possible to guarantee the value of a submariner in a couple of years. The Rolex brand is a dominant feature of the luxury watch industry and a global icon of excellence and precise development and innovation.

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