How to manage an industrial marketing strategy in the digital world

How to manage an industrial marketing strategy in the digital world

Small and medium-sized companies tend to start marketing strategies without any foundation. Today’s post is aimed at all this group of small and medium-sized companies that are interested in knowing the keys to success when proposing a marketing strategy for the industrial sector.

First of all, it should be noted that each industry is different. However, there are aspects in marketing that are basic and that all sectors and companies should know when planning a strategy in their work.

3 fundamental keys to create an industrial marketing strategy

Three are the most important issues for a company to take into account when creating a strategy and carrying it out successfully. Many things will seem logical to you, but it seems convenient to explain it so that you can fully understand how we see the perfect marketing strategy.

What are these fundamental keys?

The web page matters

Any industrial sector website must be clear that seriousness, professionalism and corporate image are fundamental aspects that it has to transmit. Your website will have to collect this while explaining clearly and accessible to all audiences all the products and services you offer.

Note that the users who visit your page will be professionals in the sector, so the language must be appropriate, explaining the services in detail in a simple way. It is very likely that you only have 20 or 30 seconds for the user to decide to stay with you or look for other companies, so all the information you put on the web must be relevant and must be explained in a simple and very concise way.

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the power of words

Words are the ones that will give you success or those that will sink you into failure. Customers who come to your website thanks to the words they have written in the search engine. If your website appears in the top positions of the Google search engine, the user will click on your page. How do you get that?

There are two important ways to get to the top positions when a user searches for a word related to your business. The first is free, and is based on a series of techniques and tactics that will, over time, Google and other search engines place your page in the first results for the client. This technique is called SEO.

The second is the SEM and this is paid. It is a series of bids in which you get the first position. Following this technique, your website will appear in Google’s sponsored links.

Content is king

One of the most important things is to convey that you are a specialist in your field. In the world of industry, a very technical world, you have to give the image that you are an insider. For this, the blog is a very important tool: you can publish different technical articles about your services, and thus transmit knowledge and professionalism to your clients.

The goal is for the user to learn from the information you offer them and to trust you. Trust is essential.


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