Clown Emoji On Different Platforms

Clown Emoji On Different Platforms

What is Clown Emoji?

  • Clowns can be both harmless fun and terrifying nightmares depending on the person you ask. This surprisingly old profession hides many secrets. Clowns aren’t something you see only at birthday parties. There are movies about clowns.
  • The Clown Face Emojis may be used to signify Circuses. People also use Clown Emojis because they are creepy or scaresome. Clowns tend to entertain for a longer time.

Clown Emoji Usage

  1. Clown Emojis may be used to refer people to the “IT”, Movie. There was a Clown named Pennywise that ate small children. Clown face Emojis are used wherever someone is trying to make fun.
  2. It can be used for conveying that the sender or recipient is being childish or “clowning around”, or that a statement should not be taken too seriously. It can also be used as a reference to children’s birthday parties because many parties have them. These are often considered frightening by many, and can even be used in some situations to denote something more dangerous!

History Of The Clown Emoji

Although clowns are the most prominent feature of many parades or circuses, the history and origins of clowning go back even further. The history of clowning is traceable back to the ancient Romans and medievals, all the while continuing to the North American Indians. Clowns have a reputation for being outrageously dressed in bright makeup and wearing big shoes.

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Clown emojis weren’t created long ago. Emojis were developed in the ’90s. Clown emojis appeared for the first time in Unicode 9.0. It was actually introduced on June 21, 2016. Unicode 9.0 was the ninth batch released by Unicode Standard. Unicode Standard is a character coding systems that supports worldwide display, processing, interchange, and interaction of written texts from various languages and technical discipline of the modern age.

Clown Emoji On Different Platforms

Apple Emojis

Apple devices such as the iPads, iPhones and Macs, Apple TVs and Apple Watches all display Emojis using the Apple Color Emoji font. Apple Color Emoji uses a specific color typeface, the Apple Color Emoji. Apple released its first version of Apple Emoji Font in November 2008. It had 471 individual Emoji glyphs.

Google Emojis

Google launched the original set (79) of emoji characters in 2008 when it was first released. These animated characters were created by Ryan Germick as well as Susie Sahim. Google emojis continue to gain popularity. This multinational conglomerate holds over 3,000 Emojis that can be used on stock Android devices including Pixel Phones.

Emojis by JoyPixels

JoyPixels makes Unicode compliant emoji designs and licenses them in digital and other consumer products. JoyPixels, formerly EmojiOne, is the original and largest independent emoji maker. JoyPixels is an emoji provider that offers full-service. It believes in delivering maximum happiness through creative design.


You know how unforgettable clowns can be if you have ever seen one or brought one to one of your children’s parties. Clowns entertain us, make our kids laugh, and show amazing feats. Clowns are becoming so popular, you can even find Clown Emojis.

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