Fanpelis: The World Map of Entertainment

Fanpelis: The World Map of Entertainment

Fanpelis is your one-stop centre to access entertainment across the globe. Browse through the largest collection of movies, web series, tv shows and anime on this site. The options are unlimited. It caters to many languages and nationalities.

Movies and television shows have the power to keep the eyes and ears engaged at the same time. And if a movie does not match up to one’s taste or preferences, this site has thousands of options. From classic old films to the latest releases, everything is available on this entertainment site.

This site also features documentaries, biographies and movies with historical themes. Thus, the content can help people gain insights into the past and learn new things. That makes this site an informative entertainment hub.

This is primarily a Spanish website. It provides content viewing and downloading options. One can access it on android phones as an app as well. The site uses video insertion technology to provide access to content. This means that the videos are saved on other sites that are linked to Fanpelis.

Search made easy:

This website is user friendly. It is designed with options for easy access to content. People appreciate it when things are available conveniently. Hence, the website is designed keeping this in mind. Some of the key features of this site are:

  • Segregation by Genre
  • Search by year of release
  • Popular content based on country
  • Alphabet chronology
  • Top searches by IMDb ratings
  • Upcoming films and shows

Wide range of Genres:

Pick the style of entertainment content that suits you. Fanpelis provides a huge reservoir of movies, series and anime. Everyone has their favourite type of movies or shows that they follow. Cinema and television have specialized content to cater to people’s specific tastes. The list of genres of content available on this site include:

  • Action & Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary film
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Kids
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Sci-Fi
  • Suspense
  • War
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Country specific content:

Another key feature of Fanpelis is that it caters to different countries. The content is not limited to Spanish or English only. The content caters to an audience of different countries. Some of these include:

  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Spain
  • France
  • Canada
  • Ecuador
  • Germany
  • USA
  • UK

In fact, Bollywood movies are also available on this site. The other countries whose content are featured on this site are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Turkey, to name a few. Check out the details through the alphabetic search of movies and shows.

This multi-lingual entertainment site is a hot favourite in Mexico. It is accessed directly by its users. Some users are introduced to the site through promotional emails that are sent. Most people love watching movies or series as a hobby. Hence Fanpelis has a good user base.

Key features of content:

A good visual and sound treat enhances a movie experience bringing it to life. A person need not go to a theatre to see movies. Today, there are many options available online.

However, Fanpelis stands out among others because of the following features:

  • HD Videos: The videos of the movies and series are in High-Definition. This means the picture resolution is high. There is no pixilation in the videos which means the images in each frame are sharp.
  • High speed: The videos can be downloaded fast. So, a user need not spend too much screen time waiting to download the movie or show.
  • Free content: A user need not subscribe to the site to gain access to the content. The user can download content for free. This makes Fanpelis a preferred site.
  • Variety Entertainment: As discussed earlier, this site offers the most extensive range of content in different languages and does cater to a different audience.
  • Safety: Fanpelis is a safe page to view and download entertaining content. There are no copyright issues as the site uses video insertion technology.
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How to download content?

The site gives options to download torrents or fembed. The link has to be copied and pasted on the site. The download link will be displayed. A user has to click the button for downloading and select the destination where the file needs to be saved.

The viewer gets the option of watching the movie or series conveniently at a time of their choice. Therefore, people prefer downloading as compared to live streaming content. Thanks to Fanpelis, this is made easy.

The content can be saved as audio files as well. A unique feature of this site is the option to save video files in mp3 format. The option is specified while the user clicks on the download link. This allows the users to enjoy the movies and shows in the audio format without having to be glued to the screen.

Statistics on popularity:

  • Fanpelis has more than 200 pageviews in a day.
  • Its traffic volume concerning new users is 4.
  • 3124 US$ is the value of the Fanpelis web page.
  • org is based in the USA.

Entertainment Substitutes:

There are many options to view movies and television shows, or web series But, Fanpelis has managed to stay relevant in the online space. The variety offered is one of the prime reasons Besides, this site provides free content without any subscription fee.

Some of the websites that offer similar content are:

  • Pluto TV – This website is available as an app like Fanpelis and Pluto TV provides most of its content in the form of novels and news in addition to movies, TV shows and anime.
  • Pepecine – This is the most popular site used to download HD movies and series. Users have the choice of storing the content on phones or personal computers.
  • Gnula – A website that largely caters to Spanish speaking audience also The movies and series are available in the original language as well. However, this site includes lots of ads.
  • Series 24: Similar to Gnula and this site also provides a lot of Spanish content. It is good for online viewing of movies and shows.
  • Megadede – Another favourite site for watching movies and series but Unfortunately, Most of these sites get crashed frequently.
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There are many torrents’ sites as well that have the option of downloading movies, web series and anime for free. However, it is advised to use a Virtual Personal Network (VPN) to avoid revealing one’s IP address. Most of these sites have many torrents mirrors which are safer.

The sites that provide live streaming content generally need to be subscribed. These sites do not necessarily have the flexibility of diverse content Additionally, some of these sites have additional charges to access new or certain specific content Hence, a site like Fanpelis works better.


Some people love to travel to different places or countries. This helps them broaden their perception of life. It is a great learning experience But then there are others who prefer watching the world from the comfort of their home. They enjoy entertainment at their fingertips.

In a world of diverse cultures, languages, and ethnicities, the one is spoiled for choice and  Furthermore, every person has a story to tell and which comes to life when it is woven into a film or serial. Choose the best option to get your entertainment dose with Fanpelis. The variety on this site will keep you hooked.


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