Artificial intelligence and the change in marketing

Artificial intelligence and the change in marketing

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the great technological revolutions in recent years. Experts on the subject have made many advances in this concept, not only in effectiveness, but in its many possible functions. Artificial Intelligence thus becomes one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century.

The debate arises when we put Artificial Intelligence in the marketing sector. How much ground is this current going to monopolize the work of marketinians? There are experts who indicate that Artificial Intelligence is taking work away from marketing, but there are also others who claim that this technological innovation helps improve marketing duty. The debate is in the streets lately, and for that reason, today we want to make a little reflection on the subject.


The fact that there are already those who have tried, and have been successful, to leave robots part of the creative work of a marketing department is the simple sign that there are many professionals who believe that Artificial Intelligence has come to stay with the work of marketinians.

In addition to creative jobs, Artificial Intelligence also supplants some of the jobs that do not require that creativity, such as automated ones. In this way, you will have more and more margin when it comes to buying advertising space, for example. You will also have the ability to better position yourself in the realm of consumer insights or improving workflows.

At this point, it is not difficult to think that marketers will see how Artificial Intelligence assumes more responsibilities and actions, but also how it affects what they are doing themselves. In this sense, we deduce that AI will have a transversal effect that will be very difficult to forget.

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Although Artificial Intelligence is “taking work” from the marketing sector, 86% of field workers agree that Artificial Intelligence will make marketing teams more efficient, and another 86% that it will make them more effective. Therefore, they believe that this tool will allow them to do their work much better and improve their results.

Ultimately, the tool will automate workflows and leave the functions that really matter to human talent. It will improve the work of marketing, so we have to take care of Artificial Intelligence.


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