3 types of Google Plus profiles that you have to apply in your business

3 types of Google Plus profiles that you have to apply in your business

With the launch of the Google My Business tool a year ago, many users felt some confusion. And not only the users, but also the specialists who have spent years dealing as best we can with the constant changes, or improvements, that Google applies to its strategy of controlling the geomarketing of all companies on the planet.

Those who already had a business profile, have had to put the batteries. MyBusiness, is an integration of the services that Google offers around its social network. Currently we can distinguish three types of Google Plus profiles : personal, company and local business page.

The quickest way to tell them apart is to look at the red tab under the profile picture. In the professional profiles it says “Add circles” and if it is a local company the hours, the category and the address appear. On the other hand, in the personal profile it says “Follow”.

But in addition to knowing how to differentiate them, it is important to know how to manage them in order to get the most out of them and improve the online presence of our business on the net. So, depending on the type of activity, you should choose one or the other.

How to manage Google Plus profiles

1. Personal profile

It is the type of profile that is created by default when we register. Through this profile we can manage the company’s account in Google Plus. It offers information about the people in your circle, links and applications with login with Google Plus.

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2. Company page

To create it, we must enter our personal profile and click on the “pages” option in the drop-down menu on the left. There we will click “Get your page” and follow the instructions. In this profile you can:

  • Share posts.
  • See stats.
  • Access the YouTube channel.
  • Use Google Analytics.
  • To make video calls.

3. Local company page

These are the old Google Places pages and they have a clearly local aspect and physical headquarters. Below is the address, phone number and website of the business. This eprfil allows:

  • Share posts.
  • See stats.
  • Manage reviews.
  • Use Google Analytics.
  • Make a video call.

Google My Business Features

With the launch of Google My Business there were some changes when registering a business. So you can choose from three types of company profiles:

1. Showcase: it is the most suitable business page for hospitality businesses and small shops. Allows you to put a specific physical location.

2. Service area:  this was one of the new categories. Ideal for those businesses that do not have a single address or that do not have a physical store such as independent professionals (taxi drivers, plumbers, lawyers, etc.), since it also allows to establish the areas in which service is offered.

3. Brand: these  are pages created with the aim of having a presence on the web and connecting with potential clients. They do not include any physical addresses, but a connection can be established to appear on Google Maps.

Thus, when using the three types of Google Plus profiles, we can use the personal profile to manage the accounts; the brand page for businesses without a specific address, for example an e-commerce; and the showcase page if we sell our product or service in a fixed location, essential for your presence and local visibility ( Local SEO and Google MyBusiness ).

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